About Me

This is me.  

I'm almost 43....

A Single mom

 of beautiful twin boys. 

I'm a smart ass, a class clown some might say. 

    2019 the boys and I left our home from Washington State
to Las Vegas to be closer to Gram and Papa...
To new beginnings.

We love our lives and community 
we have become a part of

     I enjoy short walks to the bathroom to pee alone
I love Lilacs. Rain & Thunderstorms

I love to travel...but mostly get to
Target for a 2-hour vacation away
all alone and by myself. 
love trying new things.
 I am looking forward to many
adventures  with my little men. 

We love sunshine, swimming and soccer
Belly laughs & dancing in the kitchen.
Road trips with the music on full tilt. 
WE LOVE all things DISNEY
We love the Ocean. 
We love the Lord. 

I love my DVR and 

binge-watching Hulu & Netflix.

While eating ice cream from the container. 

And chasing it with whip cream from the can 

straight into my big mouth. 

Did you know that you can put 

a whole bottle of wine 

into the big 

Starbucks cup with the straw 

and no one at the 

PTO meeting will know your drinking wine......


My favorite quote is..
We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, 
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

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