Single life is the good life.  

However, life has changed more than I ever would have thought, I have said this before but it is nice to not have to check in with anyone... Any parent can probably relate to this but especially the single moms out there.
 Here is a list of things that have changed for me.  I am looking at five years from the time I got divorced, Thought I met the one that I thought was the one.... but that burned down like a single wide mobile home struck by lighting in the middle of Death Valley with a meth lab in it and storing barrels of gas.  
This list is just a fact of life when you are single!
 So enjoy this crazy list of things that have changed to one thing into another... 
Here is how it goes down for me...

1) Laundry night is the new Friday night (and Saturday night).

2) Online dating is the new dating.
3) Finding a single dad online is the new landing a hot catch who shares the same interests.

Getting “winked” at online by men who are your father’s age is the new getting hit on by the creepy guys a the club, bar, frat party, etc…

4)Running errands while your mom watches the kids is the new “Treat yo’ self” day.
5) Wearing a favorite tee shirt with a different pair of pants is the new outfit. 
black yoga pants are my very must-have item or to get dressed up throw on a 
maxi dress on they are as comfortable as sweat pants and you look put together!
Win! Win! 
6) Online shopping is the new black Friday shopping... Thank God for Amazon Prime... 
In this house arrest, I mean quarantine, I would have been lost this entire time. 
I certainly shop online a lot more then I have ever done. 
 I know all the FedEx, UPS, UPPS, Prime,  drivers by all of their first name!
7) Going to the gym to get a 2-hour break while your kids are at Kid 
Space is the new going to the gym to get a good workout and check out hot guys.
I of course go and get a coffee and sit in the cafe area, checking all of my social media. 
Enjoying my time of peace. 
8) Having a glass of wine with a girlfriend on a Wednesday night at a bar painting in the evening is the new multiple shots at a bar with friends all night long. 
Plus now when I get up from sitting for so long 
I waddle due to being sore and I need to be home by 9:00 PM 
or I am feeling my age the next day.  
When did I get so old!?!?
9) I hate going out most of the time but being forced into staying home
made me wish for nights out on the town with my girlfriends, I miss the paint nights, 
heck, I miss going out to see movies in a theater. 
I miss that big ass diet coke and the refills of the popcorn bucket adding extra butter...
I miss real life!!! .

10) Sleeping until 7am is the new sleeping past noon.
The boys are getting way better then they were before and now I get 
to sleep in some days till 7:30 :) 

11) Getting 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep is the new 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
By the time wheel of fortune is over I am about ready to fall asleep...

12) Yoga pants are the new sexy pajamas.

13) Sprinting after your kid who just bolted in a busy parking lot is the new training for a 10K.
14) Throwing on nail polish before a hot date is now the trip to the spa....
15) Shopping at consignment shops is the new trip to Nordstrom.
                                           What are some of your lists you do now that you are single??? 


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