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Another week closer to the craziness of the 2020-2021 school year. I don't know about you but this has to be the one thing that has most given me the anxiety of the kids going back to school during this COVID crap. I wish I had a crystal ball or not very often to I wish this but during these times I wish I had a husband that was a partner who I would bounce ideas, concerns, and choices of life off of. This choice does not feel like much of a winning outcome. So with all that stress here are a few questions that make no one's life better for knowing about me. . 

                         What’s your favorite thing to have for breakfast?
I am not a big fan of breakfast, but I love pancakes that my Dad makes when he is home.  My boys call them Papa cakes, they have called them this for as long as they have been able to talk.  My dad got the skill to make them from my Nana. Her pancakes were the best especially from the skillet when we were camping. I can't make them to save my life.  You also must if you are doing it the right way you have to put peanut butter and syrup OH MY GOODNESS 
                               What is one word that describes you best?
If I can only pick one word only to describe me it would have to be Messy.  My life has never been neat and tidy, I am a self-described mess of a  person.   In my past ( I am working hard on this every day!) I haven't always been organized and often I took on way to many things to try and handle.  I did learn a few things from a friend of mine back home to follow through.  I use to cancel plans and not to tell people that I was overwhelmed or having some anxiety to leave the house that day, so I would come up with reasons why I couldn't go or follow through. Thankfully I am not that same person I only do what I can do and only take on what I can take on.  I stick by my word and I try not to let myself or my boys down. I try to always follow through.   It is something that I really put in hard work working through doing these things. I can say that I do push myself to not cancel, to get the boys into doing fun things, showing them truly that sticking to your word and commitments make you a good human.  Let's be good humans! 

Who was your first best friend?
That would be my mama, then my Grandma Aggie, of course then it is my Auntie Lisa... But if it is one person I didn't live with or wasn't related to... man that is hard because I believe you have several best friends to get you through life...In 1st grade, I was best friends with my mom's best friends daughter she was a year older than me, we were close until about the 4th grade. Then my next really self-made best friend was Marcy, we are still very good friends we were so close and nerdy but we thought we were so cool!  I have had amazing friends my entire life and about 8 truly best friends that have made a big impact on my life still today.   It is amazing that I have been blessed with them.  I wouldn't have gotten through my life without them. I will do a post in a few months highlighting all of them photos to be encluded. (watch out girls!) 
                        What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?
My favorite subject was Chior? Is that a subject?  In all seriousness, it was creative writing with my all-time favorite teacher Mrs.Tarner, she is where I knew that I wanted to be a writer. Her encouragement was always so true and honest. I was able to believe in myself because she believed in me.   
My worst subject was math and Mr. H. that taught it was an asshole, he creeped me out, the girls that did not get bothered by him or didn't say anything passed his class. I didn't take his shit at all and didn't let him touch my shoulders but called him a short Mother F@c*k#r and stormed out of his room... he was going to have me suspended but I moved classes instead and never loved math ever...The dick head of a teacher was not the reason I hated math but in a shit Sundae, he was the cherry on the top. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
first I wanted to be a mama, then I wanted to be a country singer. I was about six when I decided that, I even had the perfect picture of me with a cowboy hat at my Great Grandparents farm, with a kids size guitar, boots on my Great Grandpa's old truck smiling like it was the best day of my life. I went on thinking that I would really sing country until I was in 11th grade, we got a new choir teacher and she told me I held no talent.  I quit choir the next quarter, heartbroken that I had wasted all this time on private lessons, and singing at church, privately and solos before she came on the scene at school, I even for a second sang in a local grunge garage band.  Now I look back wishing I wouldn't have given up on myself or a dream I had because of one person.  I wish that teachers realized what their words mean to a student.   I still sing to the boys and in the car, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wonder if I would have made it and where those dreams if they did come true, would have lead me? 

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