Days are long and years are short.

Winding the week of birthday posts down.  I have been thinking about what has changed in my life over the years for my birthdays.  I use to be a bit of a spoiled brat and felt like the 3rd of July was the blast-off for my birthday, we would do something special like going to the ocean for the week on vacation.  When I had the boys it was even more special but I still wanted to do things to relax and things I often don't have time for, a day of being pampered, dinner with my girlfriends, time out of being a mom for a few hours. Over the past two years, that has changed.   I want to be with the boys on my birthday, I look forward to the time with them and even though this year wasn't a year we could do much I enjoyed my time with them and my mom.  When I think about the best gift I have ever been given over the years it was my first birthday as a mom for sure. 

The best gift I have been given are not things that I can get at a store but what being given the boys to be a mom too.  The handmade gifts, the cards, and letters that they give me now.  The sweet little gestures that only they can do, trying to give me their money from their wallets they are saving to use on themselves.   I was looking at pictures of when they were first born that I thought I would share today.  They had a hard start in life, but they are fighters.  It is hard to even wrap my head around the idea that the two of them will be nine in just a few short months.  I think this new year coming is going to be one that will be even better than the ones before.  

I didn't understand when my mom said "don't blink." Well, obviously I did because the days might be long but these past years have flown by so fast.  

To say that I am blessed is an understatement.
Not one day goes by that I don't thank God for giving me these two beautiful boys that call me Mama. 
For the two true loves of my life. 

                                                                Little Man

                                                         The boys together 
                       Little Man                                                      B-Man 

                                       Little man on the left, B man on the right. 

                                                                B Man
The best gift of my life is doing this adventure of life with these two humans! 

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