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Meet me Monday? It sure feels like the weeks are going so slow and then Bahm they are over with and another week has passed.  I can say without a doubt that I want this year to just fly by.  The world is just a little too much right now and I feel like we are all in a bad dream that none of us can wake up from.   I feel like the Space people must drive by in their UFO's and tell the kids to "Lock the doors" because they are going through the bad neighborhood.  I just feel like to the rest of the world we look like the dumpster fire and not getting our acts together is just simply madness.   

Later in the next few weeks, we will be doing a series of conversations with both wives, daughters, mothers, and themselves and what BLM to them and their families. What we can do as a community to support them. mothers, wives daughters of police, and what they want us to hear as well.  Even a cop that is African American and has to deal with both sides of everything directly.    The one thing I hear from everyone is that we all want peace and we all want BLM to matter to everyone!  My heart is broke because in 2020 shouldn't this just be the way life is? Shouldn't BLM be important to everyone in the entire world already?  Shouldn't they have the freedom and peace of mind that they can walk down the road or jog in a neighborhood and not have to worry about being killed by some racist redneck and his son?   Get pulled over and not have to worry about being shot because of their skin tone? Why in a million years can a cop go to the wrong house and shoot and kill a black woman while she is sleeping with no weapon insight?   I don't know about you but I am trying to show my boys that they need to love and respect everyone that comes into their lives and not be filled with hate.   I do know one thing we all need a lot more Jesus in our lives. 

Here are my few questions I was asked and my silly little answers.  I truly hope that this brings you a few seconds of endless chatter from me!  Stay tuned for this week it is going to be a fun week for the blog. As always feel free to email me at with any questions you want to see me answer. 

What are three things that make you the happiest right now? 

1) I love reading and listening to Audiobooks. I am reading and listening to The last house guest. The New York Times bestselling author of All the Missing Girls now brings us The Last House Guest, a suspenseful new novel that takes place in a seemingly idyllic seaside town of Littleport, ME. However, when tourist Sadie Loman winds up dead and her close friend and Littleport resident Avery Greer gets the blame, Avery has to clear her name before it's too late. 

2) I am loving true crime shows and blogs like the new program on HBO show called "I will be gone in the dark."  Michelle Eileen McNamara was an American true crime author. She was the author of I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer, a true crime book based on the Golden State Killer, and helped coin the name "Golden State Killer".  I am obsessed with the GSK and so getting into her podcasts and her blog I was super excited to get to watch the first episode last night on HBO. It was so good.  She passed away in her sleep so seeing this all come to play I am sure it is so hard for her daughter and actor husband Patton Oswalt. ( You might remember him from King of Queens) to live out this dream of hers to see the GSK brought to justice.  With the hard work that she did do she helped figure out some pretty big clues and she pushed hard for them to look at the DNA. Check out her blog true crime diary. It is AMAZING! if you love true crime.  Sad that she isn't alive to see more killers come to light and brought to justice.  Today June 29th, 2020 The GNK is supposed to be pleading guilty in the Sacramento courts.   

3) Sitting on my back patio and have a slight breeze from the overhead fan when its 100 plus out.  Sometimes if I can block out the boys for 10 minutes I can feel like I am on a mini-vacation, with my water, my book, and the warmth of beautiful Las Vegas. It only lasts a few minutes before the duties of a mom are being asked from one of the boys.  Wipe this, fix my iPad, change the TV from Netflix to Hulu or make them one of 100 snacks they will beg me for during the day.  Truth be told I may moan about it but I wouldn't want it any other way.  I am pretty lucky to have such great kids to do this adventure of life with.   Really I have searched and searched for the love of my life when I have had them here the whole time.  It is a peace and feeling of contentment that I am blessed to have now.  That just us three (plus my parents) are all we will ever need.  To come to this really has been such a great place to be in.  To bring someone else into the fold well, that person is going to have to be pretty amazing and must be a lover of Lego, Disney, and the ocean, and maybe have a PJ to fly us around in that won't hurt their chances :) 

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