Meet Me Monday... The love of photography.

                                             Meet Me Monday.... 

Here are somethings that I love, that you might not know.  One thing I hope you enjoy this part of my blog.  It is the one post I look forward to sharing.  It gives me a chance to remember and reflect on things I enjoy, things I don't often take the time to explore.  So thank you for taking the time to spend getting to know me.  

I was asked the other day what my favorite subject it is to capture, I love all of it.  I enjoy children and families, engagement and babies, Weddings are okay but I had a pain in the ass bride last year and to be honest she kind of killed the joy for me.  I will do it again and fall in love with that but for fun........ 

.....I enjoy taking pictures of old buildings.  I think of the story of who lived there, why they left.  The families that spent years raising families, holidays, losses,  where did they put the Christmas tree? Who took their first steps in the kitchen.   With all the love that lives through a home, why did the family just walk away?   One day I want to do a coffee table book of all the old homes I have taken pictures of.   It is something I have been wanting to do for a long time.  

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