What Are We Reading Wednesday.

The book I just got done reading was The light we lost. By Jan Santopolo.  I often pick a book on the Resse Witherspoon book club picks.  I have only had three from here that I have not liked very well. (We will get into that later.)  This book was amazing making me want to meet someone to fall in love with me like a man like Gabe.  (I will keep my heart in books and not in real life, it is so much easier that way.) 

In this book, Lucy has some major choices to make.  They both met on a day that everything changes for them, wanting to make a difference they decided to change the direction of their lives.  For the first time in Lucy's life, she finds a love that moves her and shows her what real love feels like.  They take a break apart and a year later run into each other.  This story goes a little over a decade of love, meetups, miss chances, and a true take on love.  The romance is not overly done. I found myself truly rooting for this couple.  Feeling sad when they did and feeling sweetly happy when they were as well.  If you have ever been in love you know every feeling this couple feels. 

Making me feel like in the end it is fate and love that is what makes the years of your life a better even in the small moments, even in the moments that never seem to make it last longer, but happy that even in the small moments that they get to have together is a success. 

Trust me, go and pick up this book it is a great read, very quick, and keeps your attention the entire way through. I love reading and then listening when I can't read! I bought this one for my friend in paperback. So no matter how you read it is available for you in all the forms. 

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