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I have been a blogger mostly for travel & promotions for the past 12 years.  In 2016 everything changed for what I thought my life should look like. I got divorced from a person I thought I would be with forever.  Some life choices that we could not agree upon made it unable for us to stay married.   I never wanted to split my time with my boys or have them on this holiday or that holiday.  I wanted to be a family, being married was very important to me, getting a divorce was not an easy choice to make.  My family then became all about the boys and me.   

We started to get our footing on what life was going to be like and then those circumstances changed and about Eight months went by where I could barely get out of bed because of depression, I realized I had to do something different. The boys needed me as much as I needed them.  I got out of bed and made some big choices.   We decided to move from the town my great-great-grandparents homesteaded in and where all my family and friends were at to move to Las Vegas where only my parents were. I knew no one else.  

You know what? It sucked at first.   Last summer was a bitch!   I got lost driving around, I didn't have anyone to go out with and have time away for a break that we all need.   I was grumpy all the time and the heat got to me, The pool at our apartment was a saving grace but the neighbor bellow us was a pain in the rear and complained every day when we would go in or out or up and down the stairs.  She yelled at the boys and cursed at them.  Having come from an abusive situation back home this was not what they needed. So we made a choice to live with my parents where they boys and I would be in the same bedroom together.  Good thing we did because the following week no money was coming in again.   

Then the boys started school... A saving grace for the three of us.  I didn't think a school and the people in it could change your lives but this school did.  The teachers became friends of mine. I joined the PTO and really got involved and invested. I started to get to know the kids in the boy's classes, slowly the school and the people in it became special to me, to the boys and my parents.  I have made my best friends here.   When the virus hit I cried... Not just because these boys were now going to be home 24/7 (kidding/not kidding) but because I wasn't going to go to the school daily to help out and visit.   At this school, I found a family. We can not wait to go back!

What I now know is that I am never alone. I always have the boys, they always have me.  I will always put them first and never question the choices I make in their best interest.  I might feel like a shit mom a lot, that is normal I have heard.   Keep checking in with me I promise I will keep you entertained!  

So come take this leap with me! You will see some things have changed a lot and some things have stayed pretty much the same.  In a world where we are all locked inside we are all trying to find a new way of living and I truly am stumbling to find the right things to do for the boys and myself. 

Our major launch is next week!  Stay tunned, please. 

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