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Well, here we are week two of the Party of three blog! I hope that you are enjoying it and loving it as much as I am loving writing again!  Please feel free to comment and message me! I would really like you all to be apart of making this blog so great because you already are! 

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
In my younger years (Highschool) I was OBSESSED with Twin Peaks. 
Like had the books, the necklace watched all the movies dresses in pleated skirts and sweaters and had to wear my dad's old leatherman jacket, and had my birthday we had it the Salish Lodge, Eating Chery Pie.  A lot of my friends said I looked like Laura Flynn Boyle who played Donna on the show. 
Now I would have to say, Mellisa McCarthy! I am not thin, I am not fat... I was thin a year ago but I was so unhealthy.  I am funny, I am a little messy, I feel like a good mom most days. I also know that If I meet Mellisa in real life we would be friends and share bad mom stories... So if I needed someone to play me the real me I would pick Mellisa. 
2. Did you ever go to summer camp
I did go a few times to summer camp.  I would get so homesick at night.  It was often unbearable.  I would have to see the nurse and see if I could call my mom collect.  Being fine during the day and enjoying myself with friends until the silence of the night.  

I do however like to go on a girl's weekend, scrapbooking retreats. Wishing now I could go to camp as an adult.  I wouldn't want to do team sports. I have never had the self-confidence to perform sports in front of people.  I could do the talent show or the eating contest.  
3. What sends you running and screaming in the other direction?
Snakes, spiders, Creepy Ex-Husband, you know all the same thing.
4. What is the one material possession you couldn't live without? 
The material possession I could not live without would have to be my camera. I need it for my daily job but also for capturing the life I am living with the boys. I love taking pictures of the beautiful nature we have here in Nevada.   
No matter what I am constantly taking pictures.  It truly brings me joy. 

5. What is currently your favorite song?
Right now I am loving the song Badass Women by Meghan Trainor. 
Video of Badass women lyrics 

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